Wreck Fishing

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Amber Jack

Key West has more than 200 wrecks in the waters around the island. There are WWII submarines, Spanish galleons and shrimp boats. Each one hosts it’s own variety of fish depending on the size of the wreck and how deep it is.

The deepest wrecks tend to hold snapper and grouper, and they can be found just a few miles from the dock. Wrecks that aren’t quite as deep are more likely to have amberjacks and above those the kingfish.

The big fish like to hang out because of all the bait fish that hide in the structure. The best catches tend to happen when you first arrive, so be ready to go.

With so many wrecks to choose from and so many fish in them, it’s one of the reasons Key West is considered the wreck fishing capital of the world.

On every trip you’ll be expected to join in. From baiting the hooks to steering the boat, when you’re on a smaller charter you’re always in the middle of the action.

The most likely fish you will find in this area include:

African Pompano, Amber Jack, Banded Rudderfish, Barracuda, Black Fin Tuna, Blue Fish, Cobia, Grey Snapper, Grouper, Hog Fish, Jack Crevale, Kingfish, Lane  & Mutton Snapper, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Permit, Red Snapper, Spear Fish, Triggerfish, Wahoo, White Marlin, and Yellowtail.

Wind and weather dictate which areas are going to provide the best opportunities. Let me know what you’re trying to catch, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.


Are you ready to catch some fish?