Inshore Fishing

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Inshore fishing is anything within 9 miles of the shoreline. In the waters around Key West, you’ll often hear inshore fishing called Backcountry and Flats fishing. The advantage of inshore fishing is that it takes a lot less time to get to a fishing spot, so you can spend more time actually catching fish.

Backcountry fishing is between the mangrove islands, in the bays, channels and saltwater flats found north and west of Key West.

Flats fishing is done in the backcountry and refers to waters less than 2 feet deep.

Because much of the backcountry is protected, you’re more likely to see exotic birds, manatee, rays, and turtles. It’s easy to see many types of aquatic vegetation in the shallow waters.

Inshore fishing typically uses lighter tackle, with both live and dead bait.

On every trip, you’ll be expected to join in. From baiting the hooks to steering the boat, when you’re on a smaller charter you’re always in the middle of the action.

The most likely fish you will find while fishing inshore include:

Banded Rudderfish, Barracuda, Blue Fish, Bonefish, Cobia, Grey Snapper, Jack Crevale, Mackerel, Permit, Pompano, Redfish, Sea Trout, Snook, Tarpon and Triggerfish.

Wind and weather dictate which areas are going to provide the best opportunities. Let me know what you’re trying to catch, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

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