There are many reasons why Key West Florida is the fishing charter capital of the world. Here is everything you need to know about what sets Key West above the rest.

When you’re trying to find a fishing hot spot, you have to have Key West high on your list. The Key Wish fishing experience is next to none, which is why people from all over the world make the trip down to Florida to find out for themselves.

So what makes this fishing in Key West so great?

Read on to learn more about why Key West fishing is the experience of a lifetime.

Why Key West Fishing Is an Amazing Experience

The Florida Keys consist of 125 miles of beautiful islands that are ripe for fishing. People take advantage of these islands year-round both for fishing and for general vacation leisure.

Here’s why:

  1. There Are Several Unique and Fruitful Fishing and Water Leisure Spots
    When you’re dealing with more than 100 miles of potential fishing space, it’s really easy to tell that no two fishing spots are just alike. Whether you’re fishing in the more populated, touristy areas, in quiet fishing holes near residential areas, or deep into the bodies of water that comprise the Keys, you won’t have to look too far to find a great spot.

Since these spots are so different, there are many different favorites and strategies that you’ll want to test out. This is why people make repeat trips each and every year.

Always make sure you secure your fishing permits so that you can legally enjoy all of the spots that Key West has to offer.

  1. The Species Variety Is Abundant
    Not only are you opening yourself up to plenty of fishing spots, but you are also able to experience many different species.

In this area of Florida, a different fish species is available each and every month. The more you fish in this part of the world, the more you will learn about the various species that are available.

Some of the main species you’ll find when you go fishing in Key West include kingfish, redfish, mutton snapper, shark, and tarpon. You’ll want to keep learning about these fish and figure out where they congregate, and at what times of year.

  1. You Can Get Help from Experts and from the Best Equipment
    It’s important that you shop for the best fishing equipment that you can find.

However, when you’re traveling, it’s easy to forget some important gear. If you are in Key West, you will quickly see that there are a number of bait and tackle shops that you can turn to in order to stock up.

You can also rent some fishing rods and equipment when you touch down if you’d rather not bring any of your own gear at all.

Aside from stocking up on equipment, the area is filled with professionals and experts. You can pop in on a fishing company to see what the pros do, take a couple of classes before your big fishing day, get the help of experts to clean and fillet your catches, and so much more.

Professionals aside, you’ll be rubbing elbows with a lot of serious fishers, so it’ll be easy to observe, network and pick up some tips and tricks.

  1. The Weather Is Nice Year-Round
    When you’re in Key West, you never have to worry about being uncomfortable. You’ll find the weather comfortable year-round, and will love the sunshine and activity when summer arrives.

Just make sure that you bring some sunblock, check the weather forecast and dress comfortably. Stay hydrated also so that you don’t suffer fatigue or adverse health effects.

  1. The Big Catch Potential Is Huge
    Not only are the fish plentiful in Key West, but there are also lots of big catches to be had. When you’re dealing with different shark and bass species, the potential for some heavy catches is huge.

If you ever dreamed of taking a picture with a huge catch, winning a competition or even catching a record-breaking fish, the waters of Key West might present that opportunity. It will take some skill and lots of effort, but it’ll be worth it when you haul in a big catch.

  1. You Can Try a Number of Different Fishing Options to Figure out Your Style
    Be sure that you also consider the many different fishing styles that you can try out in Key West. Whether you’d rather fish on a boat, the beach or the pier, try out fly fishing or catch with live bait, there are options for every type of fishing you can imagine.

To really round out your game, take the time to try as many as possible.

  1. Lodging Options Are Excellent
    Since Key West is an attractive tourist option for many reasons outside of fishing, you’ll never have a problem finding great lodging. There are many top-notch hotels you can stay in, and the Airbnb industry in Key West is thriving.

You’ll be able to find deals all year and can mix lots of other types of leisure in with your fishing trip. Key West is also a great business town, so there’s plenty of networking potential.

If you’re ever in town on business, a quiet fishing getaway can be a great way to mix it up.

Plan out Your Key West Fishing Trip
If you’re doing your research into Key West fishing, it’s only right to know why it’s a world-class attraction. Now that you see why the area’s fishing scene is so prolific, we bet you’ll be highly tempted to plan a trip.

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