Finding the right fishing charter in Key West, Florida has never been easier. Check out these tips and join us today for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Florida Keys are synonymous with sunshine, beaches, and world-class fishing. Key West is especially renowned for its amazing sites and experiences.

Are you planning a trip to the southern-most point in the United States? Or maybe you’re new to the area and curious about what Key West Florida fishing has to offer.

If so, look no further! Here, we’ll cover how to find the best Key West fishing charter and land your next big catch.

Grab your rod and reel and let’s get into it!

Consider How Long You Want to FishMost fishing charters offer several daily packages but the most common are half-day or full-day charters. 

A half-day charter is generally four hours, where a full-day is eight. Some companies offer six-hour trips as well or overnight excursions.

Bear in mind that your charter starts from the time you leave the dock until you return. Travel time to your fishing spot and fishing for bait are all included. 

If you plan to fish offshore (more on this later), you’re better off booking a full-day charter. Some offshore fishing spots are over an hour from the dock. Booking a half-day trip won’t leave you much time to fish.

Also, consider who you’re fishing with. Are you taking small children along or novice anglers? If so, you may want to start with a half-day charter in case the kids lose interest or someone gets seasick. 

The Type of Fish You Want to CatchThis is the next big question to ask when researching Key West Florida fishing charters. What type of fish do you want to catch?

Some anglers are in it purely for sport. If this describes you, you may want to fish for sharks, Sailfish, Tarpon or Amberjacks. They bring a lot of excitement to the boat and put up an incredible fight.

Looking to keep and eat your catch? Dolphin and Grouper are both fun to catch and delicious. Just be sure to check what fish are in season.

Florida laws prohibit anglers from keeping certain fish during certain times of the year. Also, make sure that the fish you keep are legal size.

Your charter captain will help you with this.

Experience is Everything

An experienced captain makes for a fun and lucrative fishing trip. Make sure you do some research and book a captain with plenty of experience.

Some Key West captains are well-known for catching a specific type of fish. Others are notoriously good with large groups or families that include small children.

Your level of experience plays a part too. Some fishing charters are high-speed and intense with a small learning curve. Other captains are used to accommodating first-timers.

Find a charter and captain that fits your needs and the needs of the group.

Inshore vs. Offshore Fishing

Next is the question of inshore versus offshore fishing. The two biggest differences between these charters are the depth of the water and the distance from shore.

Inshore fishing is done in much shallower water, whereas offshore waters can be hundreds or even thousands of feet deep.
Inshore fishing takes place only a few miles from shore (hence the name). Offshore trips can take you up to 30 miles out.

If this is your first time embarking on a Key West Florida fishing trip, you may want to stay inshore. This is also a good option if your traveling with small children or someone new to the sport.

Offshore charters are great for avid anglers and those familiar with being on the water. There’s nothing worse than getting 20 miles offshore and getting seasick or changing your mind. 

Size and Type of Boat

Different captains offer different size boats. Any boat can be used for fishing, but certain types are designed specifically for the sport.

Some of the most common fishing boats include:

  • Center console
  • Catamaran
  • Bowrider
  • Dinghy
  • Deck
  • Cuddy Cabins
  • Houseboats

The deck of these boats is easy to navigate and offers plenty of rod holders. Some even have built-in coolers and live wells for bait and any fish you catch and keep.

The type of boat you choose is also determined by the duration of your trip. Some companies offer overnight fishing charters, which means the boat needs sleeping accommodations.

Larger boats are also needed for offshore trips, whereas a smaller boat can safely stay inland.

Other Amenities
The size of the boat isn’t the only thing that matters in terms of comfort. Certain boats and charters offer different amenities that might interest you.

A few onboard amenities to ask about include:

  • A bathroom
  • A kitchen
  • A refrigerator
  • Plenty of seating
  • A bed or bench for sleeping

These amenities are most important on longer fishing charters, but some guests might want a bathroom on board regardless of the duration.

Other things to look for include a fighting chair for reeling in larger fish, a radio, life jackets, and other safety equipment.
Some captains and deck mates will clean and fillet your catch at the end of your trip. If you’re not experienced in cleaning and filleting a fresh catch, this might be a selling point for you.

After you dock, the staff will prepare your fish for the dinner table.


When booking a Key West Florida fishing trip, you’ll want to consider the cost.

Different factors will determine the price including the duration of the trip, the size of the boat, and the number of people in your party.

Charters can range in price significantly – even if they offer similar amenities. Do plenty of research before booking your trip to make sure you get the most for your money.

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